Mohsen Moballeghi in Vancouver

Mohsen Moballeghi | محسن مبلغی

Areas: Coquitlam | Port Moody | West Vancouver | North Vancouver | Downtown Vancouver | Maple Ridge | Langley

Mohsen is an accomplished and award-winning real estate agent with a focus on both commercial and residential properties in Vancouver.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Geomatic Engineering and over 13 years of experience with the City of Vancouver, he brings a wealth of expertise in construction, planning, and attention to detail, honed through his involvement with the Transit Skytrain System.

His adept negotiation skills, coupled with an unwavering dedication to customer service, have consistently led to successful deals at optimal price points, resulting in significant time and cost savings for his clients.

Mohsen’s intuitive understanding of his clients’ needs, even when unspoken, has cemented his position as a trusted favorite among his clientele.

He believes that a home holds more than just property value; it is a sanctuary where lasting memories are created. As a family man and homeowner himself, Mohsen approaches each transaction with a deep understanding of the importance of finding the perfect residence.

Looking towards the future, Mohsen eagerly anticipates upcoming opportunities and remains steadfast in his commitment to providing expert guidance and support to his clients throughout their real estate endeavors.

He expresses sincere gratitude to his clientele for their unwavering trust and support, which continuously drives him to achieve exceptional results.